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5 Foot Reflexology Techniques for Babies & Children

Learn five gentle touch reflexology techniques for babies and children from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this Howcast video.


We're always, by default, giving reflexology and gentle touch to
children and babies, playing little "This Little Piggy" or just holding
the feet. These very gentle forms of touch are just perfect for babies.
There's a woman named Sue Ricks, who's in the UK, who does phenomenal
work with babies and children. She's created what she calls "gentle
touch reflexology," so we're going to discuss her five essentials.

So what she calls the five essentials are the head reflex, the spinal
reflex, a pelvic hold, a bowel sweep, and then ending with the solar
plexus hold. So we're just going to go over those using adult feet.

So the head reflex, you just come right through here and just hold that
big toe. That toe might be so little that you can absolutely use even
your little pinky. You could also do like a gentle, little rotation, or
a "This Little Piggy," really, really relaxing the foot. If a baby is
having a hard time sleeping, this could be really nice.

With the spinal reflex, you could also, when you're working with an
adult foot, we're using this kind of thumb walking all the way down the
spinal reflex. With a baby, it's just a much gentler technique. You
could just be using the side of the hand or just a little bit of that
first this pointer finger, coming down those reflexes.

Also, you could do a pelvic hold, so that would just be holding these
heels, really easy to do with a little baby. And you just hold there.
And follow the feet. They may move. Just follow them if they go away,
let them go away.

And then you want to do a bowel sweep. Certainly there's conditions
that are very popular with little babies. Constipation is definitely
one of them, so doing a little bowel sweep can be really effective. So
with the bowel sweep, instead of doing that thumb walking, you could
just sweep the finger here across, and across here and down and then
out. If you want to use your thumb, that's absolutely fine. You could
do really gentle reflexology, coming up. But there's not a lot of
pressure. These are very little feet, so don't do a lot of pressure.

And then you could end with the solar plexus hold. So it's the same as
with adults. You will come in through here. You'd use your thumbs.
And then just meet the point. You're kind of meeting it more
intentionally, so it's a very energetic. . .It's more of an energetic
experience when you're doing reflexology with a child. And those are the
five essentials you could focus on when doing foot reflexology with a
baby or child.

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