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How to Finish a Foot Reflexology Session

Learn how to finish a foot reflexology session from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this Howcast video.


How to finish a foot Reflexology session. At the end of a session I like to revisit any points that may call for more attention. So that depends on your person. In addition to that, I'll end with some relaxation techniques. So with the relaxation techniques some of them are the lung press, for example, where you take your hand here, make a fist, you're going to be using this part of your hand, put your thumb right in here, you're just going to open up here, this will be your support.

You put this on the ball of their foot here and this is going to be your support on the backside. You're just going to gently press forward and then you're going to roll back kind of like a waving motion. Again, it's the end of the session you kind of want to be really gentle, revisit and then do some relaxation techniques. You'll do both feet. I also like to do some toe rotations where you're holding just the base of the toes making sure you're very secure and you're holding the foot. You're just going to rotate in both directions.

So you rotate in that direction and then back and you'll do all of the toes always holding the base and then back again. You could also do a rotation of the whole foot or just of the ankle down here where you can just rotate in both directions. Also, of course, both feet. Then you might do an inversion eversion, kind of like a side to side. You'll do that with both feet, an inversion eversion. You could do a spinal twist where side by side your hand are one of them, twist towards your friend and the other one is back to you. You're not going to go above this metatarsal head. Lastly, I might come down here and just do a little bit of traction. I might even do a slight rocking and you just want to relax and do it too.

So you're leaning back, just a little bit of weight and release it very gently. You could do one last sweeping gesture, the outside, the inside. Do your solar plexus hold taking your thumbs to that midpoint. You're just going to lean forward into it. At the very end of the session I'll often take the towel and just wrap the feet making them warm again. Maybe just gently touching their foot letting them know I'm going to go away to wash my hands and I'll be right back. That will be generally how to end a session.

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