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How to Do Reflexology at Home or at the Office

Learn how to do reflexology at home or at the office from certified reflexologist Chantel C. Lucier in this Howcast video.


So foot or hand reflexology at home or at the office. I have a plethora of things here to show you how you might be able to mimic reflexology using certain things you might have around the home or around the office.

So first of all the belly of the foot, the arch of the foot, it can be really relaxing to give it a little pressure in there. So something like the bottom of a chair, especially a lot of office chairs have like a kind of a metal bar. You can apply pressure to your foot, and then you could actually do the heel as well. But it's really nice to move through the whole arch. And that's your digestive system reflexes are all in there as well, as well as many organ reflexes. So that could be one way to get in there.

Another thing is there are some people I know that actually have some reflexology tools at their office. One of them is one of these. You can just, again it's on the floor at all times under your desk, and you can apply pressure and then just give in. And you control how much pressure you want by how much weight you give. There's these. There's also little foot reflexology paths, which are actually all over the world, in Korea, in Japan, in China, in India, in Tibet, in the Unite States, as well. They're paths that you could walk on usually outdoor as well. You can get little foot reflexology paths, or cobblestone paths they're sometimes called, and they just have a, they mimic a whole bunch of stones, and you could stand on one. So you could have that also at your office or at home.

And then lastly, two more things. You could either take a pen or a pencil, and you could apply pressure to certain reflexes, for instance your brain reflexes. Right in the center of your thumb here is your pituitary gland reflex. So you could put the eraser head here, and you could just give it a little pressure. You could do that for all your fingers. Right? At the very center. And these are using props. You could also certainly use your own hands.

And then lastly, you could use a doorknob. So this is a very old, antique doorknob which I love. So you'll have something like this at home or in the office, and you could just grab the doorknob and then just lean in. You could find different points, especially throughout the belly of the hand and in this area here. You're going to be getting into the adrenal gland reflexes, and that could be really nice, especially if you're feeling tense or stressed out.

So that's it. These are just some of the things you might find around your home or office that can help you practice reflexology.

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