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How to Do Reflexology with Chantel C. Lucier

Learn about Chantel C. Lucier, one of Howcast's reflexology experts, in this video.


Hi. My name is Chantel Cherisse Lucier and I am an ARCB Certified Reflexologist and manager of Angel Feet Reflexology in the West Village in New York. How I came to this, to reflexology was I'm from San Francisco originally, and I moved to New York to attend the Actors Studio Drama School in 2001. And I realized very quickly that I would need a part time job. And I also knew that I wanted it to be very relaxing, as I knew that graduate school was going to be intense. So, I heard about this job, Angel Feet, which was hiring and I worked there. I was taking appointments. I was bringing hot towels to the clients. I was bringing basins of hot water to the practitioners and it was just perfect. And then, after three years, I graduated and at the same time I began to manage Angel Feet Reflexology. And very quickly realized I too, wanted to be a practitioner. It had given me so much that I wanted to give as well. So, I became certified. And now I kinda dance between both being a practitioner and giving reflexology, managing Angel Feet Reflexology and then dancing with my art, and singing, and creating visual art, and photography and doing all those other things that make me so happy. If you wanna know more about Angel Feet, you could visit our website. It's We are located in the West Village in New York. And if you wanna know more about me you can visit my website. It's

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