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How to Dance like Ester Dean in Drop It Low, Part 3

Learn how to dance like Ester Dean to Drop It Low from Matt Lopez and DEF-C Crew in this hip-hop dance video, the third in a five-part Howcast series.


So, Drop It Low, Part 3, where all we're gonna do is just two counts. Just take your foot here, throw your hands up in the air, put your head down, and head comes up. And whip that hair up. Again, we go step, hands up, go into a flat back, and then head comes up. And when your head comes up, for ladies, whip that head up. Whip that hair up. Get it up out of your face. Again, five, six, seven, eight. Go one, and two. One more time. Five, six, seven, eight, one and two. And this is the section of the video where she says, "All my ladies, throw your hands in the air." So, we're gonna do that here. Five, six, seven, eight. Ladies, throw your hands in the air. One more time! Five, six, seven, eight, one and two. Now let's watch the ladies do it. And that was Drop It Low, Part 3.

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