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How to Dance Like Chris Brown in Drop It Low, Part 1

Learn how to dance like Chris Brown to Drop It Low from Matt Lopez and DEF-C Crew in this hip-hop dance video, the first in a two-part Howcast series.


What's up you all, my name is Matt Lopez, I'm with Def-C-Crew. This is Vive and Michael and we're going to show you Chris Brown's version of 'Drop it Low.' So, here we go, it starts out, we go 1 and 2. Again, we go, look to the left on 1, with your body on the 'and' and you drop down on 2, and then we come up on 3, and that's just a wave up.

I come up here from 2. It goes shoulder, elbow, wrists, into a tut. And when your tutting, your elbows should be parallel to the floor, your hands should be parallel to the floor. So, if you look at Micheal's hands, how its parallel to the ground--and Vive's. My hand tries to do that, but I have some issues. So, we're here on 3. Again, take it from the top: 1 and 2-3 and we switch. Come down, and again 5-6-7-8, go 1 and 2-3 and 4 and I drop my knees. I'm in the, what they call in ballet, or in dance called plie and here and. And this is my choreography because in the video, they cut it off. So, again, lets take it from the top. 5-6-7-8 goes 1 and 2-3 and 4 and, my choreography, 5, my choreography and 6, that's my choreography, and back to the video, 7 and 8.

Again, that was 1 and 2, wave up 3, switch and come down 4 and switch the hands and go back to the front of your left. Here, you can bring this on top of your left hand, your right on top of your left. Bring your knees together, crack and tutt again, stand up on the 'and' count and then you'd hear on 'A.' One more time 5-6-7-8, go 1 and 2-3 and 4 and 5 and 6-7 and 8. Now, lets watch that in real time. And that was the first part of Chris Brown's 'Drop it Low.'

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