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How to Dance like Beyonce in Single Ladies, Part 6

Learn how to dance like Beyonce in Single Ladies from Matt Lopez and DEF-C Crew in this hip-hop dance video, the last in a six-part Howcast series.


All right, so we just ended, five six seven, now you're gonna look to your left, bend that left wrist, and we're going to step forward with your left, towards the left. And one two three for five six, turn, seven eight. Let's try that one more time, five six seven eight, swoop one two three four five six seven eight. Now you want to look down on eight. Moving on, you're going to take your right arm down, straight down to the floor in a fist, your left foot is stepping forward. One two three four, on five six seven you wanna look up to the front. Five, open up those hands, six seven. So it's slow, slow, quick quick quick. So, let's take it from here, you're looking down, and one two three four five six seven, on eight, you wanna pop your head. Eight. OK. Let's try that one more time. And, two three four, look, five six seven, pop eight. Step again with your right this time. One two three four, back it up, look to the front. All right, so one more time from here, putting it together, five six seven eight one two three four five six seven pop, one two three four five six seven eight. So let's see that full speed. And that's Single Ladies part Six.

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