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How to Dance like Jabbawockeez in Apologize, Part 2

Learn how to dance like Jabbawockeez in Apologize from Matt Lopez and DEF-C Crew in this hip-hop dance video, part two of a two-part Howcast series.


What's up all? This is Jabbawockeez 'Apologize,' part two.

So, we ended here on four. What you are going to do is, the first two Jabbawockeez, actually the first Jabbawockee on the far left of you is Sierra. She is going to come up on five, Vive is going to come up on the end count. Melissa comes up on six. I come up on seven. And these two, Michael and Alice, come up on eight. Again, so we're down here on four. We come up on five and six, seven, eight. Good.

And now, here's the tricky part. They change formation. So, the first two in the front are going to jump backwards. Vive and Michael are going to jump out to the side, and Sierra and Alice are going to come into the center, and everyone is going to have a little window. When you jump, you are going to cross over, cross your right over your left. Everyone can do this. So five, six, seven, eight, we cross over, right over left and the right arm hugs your waist, your left arm, your left hand is on your ear, and you just turn. Again, let's do that again. Five, six, seven, eight, you jump and then turn. Good. And that's on one and two.

Let's take it from the top. One, two, three, four, up five and six, seven, eight. One, two. Good. You open up, three, your right arm comes across your mouth, three, you come up four and five, six, seven, together, eight. And one, two, three, four. Yeah? Let's do that again. So we did, take it from the little arrow. We're down on four. One, two, three, four up, five and six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four and five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four.

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