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How to Dance like Jabbawockeez in Apologize Part 3

Learn how to dance like Jabbawockeez in Apologize from Matt Lopez and DEF-C Crew in this hip-hop dance video, part three of a two-part Howcast series.


And then they say eh, eh. And the sound is two people, is eh, eh. The right side of the group is going to go, with their hand, like they're saying "Shh!" The second eh, take your left hand, come down and bring it down on the second eh. Now in the video, in the actual Jabberwockies, what they do. The two people in the middle don't move. The draw purpose is we're all going to move as a run crew. So we're going to step ball change left to right. Take your left hand over your right ear. Left foot comes out. Look down at it. Come back with your left foot. Left hand over your right ear. And then step together.

From here, we're going to move on. We're going to fill it quicker. Five. Cross over to your left. Six. You're going to cut your throat with your arms, with your hands. Seven. And you're going to look over to the other side. Your right leg, if you're on the other side, your right leg is going to bend. If you're on the left side, your left leg is going to bend. Eight. And you're just going to melt down on one, two, three, four. Just pretend you're a little mannequin, and you're just like shaking your body down. Feel free to move that head.

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