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How to Dance like Nsync in It's Gonna Be Me, Part 6

Learn how to dance like Nsync in It's Gonna Be Me from Matt Lopez and DEF-C Crew in this hip-hop dance video, part six of a six-part Howcast series.


Alright, so I'm going to break it down for you slower again. Part six It's Gonna Be Me. Here we go.

So we just ended five, six. Then we're back on seven, eight. Step back on your right. Left knee come up on one. And two. And, on my heel of right, toe of my left. Heel of my left, toe of my right. Then bring it all together. Down. Everything clinches in. Knees together. Come up. And then act like a statue. And then together. Act like a statue. And together.

Let me give you the count for that. Here we go. We just ended on five, six, seven, eight. One. And two. And three. And four. And five. Six. Seven. Eight. Let's just finish this part up. So we go, one. The head is down on one. Head comes up on two. Then you just roll your body into it. Three. Four. And that's just gonna to be me. Just point at yourself with your thumb on the four.

Here we go. Last time. We just did five, six, seven, eight. One. And two. And three. And four. And five. Six. Seven. Eight. One. Head on two. Three. Four. Now we are going to do what's called a Charleston. So we're here on four. We are going to step on five. My right hand comes up. Two fingers. And down on six. This is where we have a formation change. Justin is going to switch. I'm going to be Justin. Sierra is Joey Fatone. Michael is going to be J.C. Melissa is Chris. And Vive is Lance. So here I am. I am Justin. I am going to switch with. Sierra is cutting all the way across to where Vive is. Vive is going to switch to where Melissa is. This is very complicated, but we'll get it. And Melissa switches with Michael. And Michael, who is also J.C., switches with Justin. That's a lot of information, but if we take it slow, you can get this.

Here we go. We just did five. And six. And then we switch. Seven. And eight. And hands down. One. Come out on one. J.C.'s hands about to go on one, two, three. Open on four.

And that's 'N Sync It's Gonna Be Me part six.

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