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How to Dance like Quest Crew in Party Rock, Part 3

Learn how to dance like Quest Crew in Party Rock from Matt Lopez and DEF-C Crew in this hip-hop dance video, part three of a four-part Howcast series.


This is LMFAO's Party Rock, Part 3. Don't worry; I'm gonna take it slowly. We're here on 5678 you're gonna come down on so heads down on 1 and 234. So you just doubled it; you did right left and right right. 5678 and 1234. So that's double on your right for the second time. Here we go: we did 5678 and then 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. And we're gonna do a regular shuffle, head comes up and 5678; and then we're gonna step back, t step back is what this is called 1234. Try that again slower this time. So we just ended on 5678 and 12 double and head up 5 regular shuffle, step back 1234. Now you're gonna pick a partner. If you're on the left side you're gonna step back on 5 and hop on 6 7 8. If you're on the right side it's a lot easier, 12345678. Very old school. Very Kid 'n Play. Let's take it again from 5678. Go 123 and 4, 5 tap 6 7 8. One more time: 5 and 6 and 78. Go 1 2 3 and 4. 5 and 6, 78. Good.

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