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How to Create an Easy Makeup Look for Black Women

Learn how to do some easy makeup looks for black women from professional makeup artist Nicole Williams in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So now that Aminata's face is done, her foundation looks flawless, now we're going to step into easy makeup looks.

A really great trick is to utilize makeup kits that really come in handy, they have multipurpose uses. So we're going to go with a darker shade for her and I love this. This is actually Smashbox Contouring Kit but it's really great on brows.

What I love about brows is that it keeps it very simple, is take your brush, hold the hairs upward to fill in the brows and use a powder for a long lasting effect. Then again, just pull it right through, see that color goes right in there, this is easy.

We're going to come back to this product because remember, this is a product that I'm not only going to use on the brows but I'm also going to use as a contour.

Now let's get started with the eyes. I like to base the eye with a cream color base so that way it has a long lasting effect, it'll stay on all day, and it makes the shadows, powder shadows, really stand out. Pat into place, what's really great about this eye shadow is that it's a cream base that will last 24 hours, it's really nice and it's from Maybelline.

Okay, so now that we have that done, again we're going to utilize a kit. What's really important about easy looks, utilize something that has everything in it, you've got the eye pencil which we can use for eye liner, and you also have so many shades of shadow so you can't go wrong.

I'm just going to pop that right there, keep it right on the lid ladies because that just makes it easier for you and it's the elf pencil in black. Go right in the lash line and give yourself a little bit of eye liner on the top, the reason why is that you give your eyes a little shape when you just do the top line and it becomes something easy and yet a little glamorous.

When you contour you want to take the darker shade and go right under the cheekbone. I like to do a little soft contouring with the easy makeup because I want to give the makeup some dimension, some depth. We're using the lighter of the three shades just to make the cheekbones pop. Now we're going to move onto her lips.

Cover Girl has a really great product called Blast Flipstick and it's really nice because it comes with two different shades. We can use the lip liner, the darker shade as a lip liner and the lighter shade as the lip color. I prefer to use a lip brush to apply lip color just because I can really make it more detailed.

The technique here ladies is, keep the darker shade closer to the outer lip line and fill in the middle with the lighter shade. Keep the focus of gloss right on the bottom lip.

So we're going to take a little bit of eye shadow and use it as blush. Now who would think you could do that on your cheek but you can. Because it's a shimmer, it really just makes the cheek pop. I always feel that the warmer the skin tone the more colors you can play with. Definitely don't be afraid to experiment and play with color.

So there you have it, an easy look.

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