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How to Pick a Foundation for Black Skin

Learn how to pick foundation for black skin from professional makeup artist Nicole Williams in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So the best way to choose a foundation is first you need to know your
appropriate undertone; whether you're warm, neutral, or cool. So now when
you go to a location to find a product, you definitely want to ask the
person, "Well, I know my undertone, but now I need to choose a color."

Be careful though when you choose a color, that if it has an SPF, it could
tend to look ashy on the skin and make you look a little ghostly. So be
careful of that.

The other way to test and make sure that you have the right color of
foundation, is to match it on your skin. Take three shades in your range,
with your correct undertone, put them right here on the jawline, and
whatever one blends the best, then that's the right shade of foundation for

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