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How to Apply Blush to Black Skin

Learn how to apply blush to black skin from professional makeup artist Nicole Williams in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So this is how to apply blush. I really think on African American skin, any woman of color, should always go with colors that make their skin pop, like apricot, like something here, this is called Coral Waterlily, and it's by Three Custom Color, and it's a cream color base. And the reason why I want to use a cream color base as opposed to powder right now is because I just want to show you what it will look like, the sheen that it will give to the skin, and I like to apply the color right here on the apples of the cheek.

So you smile, always good, take the back of a sponge and just pat it into place. I mean you can totally use your fingers for this as well, but I like a little bit of color on a sponge to apply on someone else's skin. Looks healthy, and really pretty, and young, and vibrant. Even for a warmer skin tone, an apricot color, coral, peachy, pinky color will always work well.

So say you're going out for a night out on the town and you just want to add to this. So this is your day look and now we're going to take the blush and warm it up with something a little bit more pink, a little bit more daring, and this is an eyeshadow by Milani, and they're really great, they're really inexpensive, and the color payout is so beautiful, you just need one touch on the brush, and just apply right on top of that color. Right there again, just keep it right in that area. And that's how you do blush.

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