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How to Contour Black Skin Using Makeup

Learn how to contour black skin from professional makeup artist Nicole Williams in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So, now I'm going to show you how to contour black skin.

What's really great about this particular product. It has the contouring pallet right here. Like, everything is here for you. So, it makes it a lot easier to figure out how to do it. And, the directions are right there.

When you contouring, you want the light to hit the highest points of the face. That's the high cheekbone area. The forehead, right in the middle. The bridge of the nose. The chin. And, here, right by the jawline.

We're not going to go too dark on Sarah because, we don't want her to be too, too contour. And, you want to place the color right from the top of the ear down to, I'd say, midway of the cheek.

And, keep in mind that this is going under the cheekbone. You want this part of the cheek to stand out. The high part. This can also be done with bronzer as well.

Okay. So, now we're going to do around the forehead. You keep it on the temples of the forehead. So, it's framing the face, really. And then, one more step, under the jawline. But, you're going to put the darker color there, because you want to give the appearance of having a straight edge under that jawline by going like that. Almost like a square. The edge of a square.

So now, with the same brush, you want to clean off the excess color. Because now we have to go with a lighter shade. So, here.

So now, the light will reflect here and here. Giving that appearance of this, not being seen, but this being seen. And put a little bit here. Forehead. So, now all the attention goes here and here. On the chin

And, I'm going to show you another step that I like to do. This is my own, personal step that I like to do when doing a contour. To make the nose really fine and really perfect. Take a pencil. Just something, maybe, a shade or two darker than your own skin tone. And draw sort of a line.

Now we're going to take our fingers, and pull that color down the sides of the nose. You can use a lip pencil, you can use anything that has wax in it. Something soft.

So, now that you've blended it. And, notice, the technique is very soft, pushing it in. So, you take a blending brush. Eyeshadow blending brush. Something small that will fit right in the corners of the inner eye.

Now, go back to your powder. Your contouring pallet. And put the lightest color right down the bridge of the nose.

Now, to finish this off, you just put our all over face powder right on top to soften everything and make everything come together.

And, there's contouring.

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