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How to Apply Bronzer to Black Skin

Learn how to apply bronzer to black skin from professional makeup artist Nicole Williams in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So, now I'm going to apply a bronzer to Sara's skin. I like using the Covergirl Natural Hue color. It's so beautiful. Look how pretty that is.

And it's really easy to use. Take a brush and lightly dust the bronzer right on that cheekbone. And bronzer you can get a little bit more courageous with.

You can kind of spread it all over the cheekbone. Put it here on the forehead right on the temples, near the temples. Almost like using it like a blush kind of works.

Everybody wants to look sun kissed and golden and just makes the skin just remind you of youthfulness and beauty and health. So, take that bronzer and just kind of spread it all over.

I like to use a small blush brush. Maybe more tapered so I can get a nice circular motion going there. And it stays in the area that it's supposed to be.

When you use a really big brush it gets lost and it becomes just like a face full of bronzer instead of just bronzer where it should be which is on the cheeks, forehead and a little bit on the chin.

And just because you put bronzer on doesn't mean that you can't add a blush color. You can certainly go in with a blush color later on. Looks beautiful.

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