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How to Apply Eye Makeup for Black Women

Learn how to apply eye makeup for black women from professional makeup artist Nicole Williams in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So what I like to do first is use the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder under the eye. That will help to prevent from any kind of drop out from some of the warmer, darker shades. This is a little trick that I absolutely love for keeping the under eye area clean when applying eye shadows. I like to work backwards. I like to go in with the warmer shades and then create the eye shadow that way. Start with the darker and then do the crease and then go in with the lid color afterward.

So we're going to take a flat brush and we're using a Photo-op Trio which I absolutely love, and you told me you have it.

Yes, that's the exact color.

So now you've been having a hard time with it, so now I'm going to show you how it will work for you. So place the color and then take the warmer shadow of the trio and place it right at the end of the lid and pat it right in place, and then you're going to take a blending brush. This is one of my favorite blending brushes from the Divinity Collection from Cozette brushes, and notice your strokes I'm doing sort of a soft rounded, blended stroke. I'm pulling it out away from the lid.

Now we're going to go back with our same brush, turn it over this time, and go in with the middle color. Usually in these pallets you have three shades, light, medium, and dark. And pat it right in the middle of the lid, and then you can take the lightest of the three shades and go right in the beginning. And again, you can use the same brush.

Also, ladies, it's all about how light your hand is. Don't put too much pressure on, be light because this is a sensitive area. OK, so now that's just the eye colors. Now we're going to add some eyeliner. I prefer to use a cream liner, but you can use liquid, you can use a powder, whatever your preference is. I'm using my own personal brush that I love from MAC, it's a really thin liner brush, and we're going to put a little liner on the bottom.

And whenever you do a cream liner, pull it up and out. I don't want to close Aminaza's eye so I'm not going to apply the liner all the way through the waterline. I just want to give it a little shape right at the end. Then go back to using our trio, take the brown and a pencil brush and just ahead and reinforce that liner down at the bottom. And then with that same brush and the same pallet, take the lighter of the shades and go right here on the lower lid.

And the final step of this eye tutorial is to remove the white powder. And what that does is it removed all of the dark eyeshadow that fell without it staying on her skin and staining the skin, and now it's really pretty and clean underneath.

And there you have it.

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