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How to Apply Eye Shadow for Black Women

Learn how to apply eye shadow for black women from professional makeup artist Nicole Williams in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So now we're getting ready to do an eye shadow tutorial. And this is my favorite part, because I can really go in and play and experiment, and you have wonderful, beautiful eyes. So I'm going to show you how to make them work.

Now this is a smash box primer. I really like primer for the eyelids because they will stop creasing and just allow the shadow to really move and blend really nicely.

So just a touch right there on the lids, really simple. You can spread it with your fingers or with a brush. And again, this is primer, so you don't want to pack it on, because this is not the highlight of the eye shadow. This is just to make the eye shadow remain in place, last longer, and stay strong and beautiful and bold.

Okay, so now we're using the Color Tech II by Maybelline. This is a really pretty color, it's almost like a khaki color.

When you have a color that's really strong but you don't want it to look strong, just lightly pat it on the lids. And then whatever is excess on the brush you can pull that up off the lid and bring it up a little bit onto the high brow bone area, and into the crease.

Now we're going to go in with the crease color. So we're really being daring here, we're taking something from gray and now using a raisin color that I like to use. This is Mac, it's actually a blush color, but I'm going to use it on your eyes, because you can use powders anywhere. So with the Mac blending brush just take a little bit of color and blend it, almost like a V at the end of the lid. And the reason why I'm using this color is because it'll warm up the shade that I just put on, and it'll also give a little shape, and just look really pretty.

So now we're going to put on another color which I love, this is from the Melani Collection. Look how pretty that color is. It's almost like an iridescent lime green. It's so pretty. And it has a little bit of sparkle to it. So that color goes right in the center of the lid. And the reason why we're using this color with the sparkle and the sheen to it is because I want it to stand out, I want the eyes to pop. And again, pat it on so it can stay looking like what it looks like here.

So we're going to use eyeliner on the top and the bottom, and my favorite is L'Oreal's Luminous Smoldering eyeliner. It's really pretty. And this way we can give a little bit of shape to the eye by extending the line a little bit. That little V right at the end, make a little V there in the crease. And I'll show you what that does in one minute. Close. You take a smaller crease brush and just blend.

Now this takes a little while to blend, but keep in mind you want to keep it right there. And what's really important is have a light hand, don't be so heavy when applying shadows. Take a really tight pencil brush and brush that, and let it connect with the top.

So now we're going to use the Cover Girl from the Queen Collection, Vivid Impact Eyeliner. It's so pretty, it's sort of like the sea moss green. I love it. And it'll be very complimentary to what I put on the top lid.

Now the last step in finishing this eye tutorial is just adding a little color, the same color that we used on top of the lid, the sparkle. You're going to just add it right here. Add a little mascara, and you're all set.

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