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How to Apply Eye Shadow to Eye Creases for Black Women

Learn how to apply eye shadow to eye creases for black women from professional makeup artist Nicole Williams in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


Now we're going to apply eye shadow to the eye creases. I have this wonderful color that I actually love to use from L'Oreal and it is so pretty and rich and has a lot of pigment. So we're going to add that to the crease. Usually you can find the crease right in the fold of the eye. Aminata open your eye. Right there were it folds, that's where your crease usually starts.

And the reason why you want to put color in the crease is to give it depth and to give your eye shape. Of course, as you've heard before, like a windshield wiper technique is the way to go. I'm keeping it a little bit more straight because I want the eyes to be elongated this way. Not so much of a curve technique.

Okay. Now I have another great technique for doing the creases to really make it really, really intense. So just take a thin liner brush and, close your eye, you can draw literally sort of like a V, from the lash line up to the crease line, and then take your crease brush and go right in and blend. And what that does is it keeps it still beautiful but a little bit more glamorous and a little bit more shape in that crease. There you have it.

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