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How to Apply Pink Eye Shadow for Black Women

Learn how to apply pink eye shadow for black women from professional makeup artist Nicole Williams in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So now we're using the CoverGirl Intense Blast, ShadowBlast eyeshadow. It's really pretty because it's a liquid and it's on a stick. And you can just literally go across the lid and it's that easy. And it's a really pretty pink color. So, just spread it short strokes across the lid. Leaving the crease color that's there already. Just leave that there because we're going to utilize that dark crease color that's there.

So, first, we're going to use a cream from the Makeup Forever flash kit, flash color. Because I want a little bit of intensity here. Now, you want to take a tapered brush, a blending tapered brush and bust that in. Like circular motions right in that area. And what that does is it gives it sort of a three-dimensional feel. Now we're going to go in with this wonderful eyeshadow palette. Look at this, it's called a Paint Eyeshadow Palette by Milani.

I just love it because it has so many different colors. And the great thing about this is that you can mix. That's the whole point of being able to do that. You can make orange, you can make tangerine, you can make any color you want. We're going to make pink. But this time, instead of circular motions, we're patting it right on the lid.

I tend to like to go a little bit warmer pink on African-American skin. So it can really stand out and look really beautiful. When it's too light, it can look washed out. And then you can add a little bit of that pink. Just extend it right there on the brow bone, right underneath the brow bone.

So, now, to finish the pink eye tutorial, I really want to add a little bit of sparkle. I love sparkles. And why I'm putting these sparkles there is because it just really makes that pink stand out. And it already has pink in the sparkle. They're called Pink Reflects from MAC. And they are amazing.

So, just take a little bit of mascara and pull it through. Go over the lash and under the lash and pull it up and outwards towards the hairline. And there you have it.

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