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How to Do a Smokey Eye for Black Women

Learn how to do a smokey eye for black women from professional makeup artist Nicole Williams in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So we're going to try to achieve a smoky, exotic, beautiful, sultry look, mysterious. So we're going to start with the secret brightening powder from Laura Mercier, and just dip a little bit. And we're going to put this under the eye for any dropout from powder. So this is a little trick that you guy's should do at home when you're trying to achieve a smokey eye or if you're using a lot of product. So in order to achieve a smokey eye, you should base the eye with black eye shadow and that's what we are going to do right now. You, literally, are just blacking out the whole entire lid.

Now the next step in doing a smokey eye, or exotic eye, is that we are going to pull the crease up and blend it up towards the brow. You can do this by taking a tapered, crease brush and smoking it up and pulling it up towards the brow bone, lightly. Now in order to achieve a exotic look with this we are going to make the lid's a little wet and we are going to add some brown to this to make it look really rich and deep, and have a lot of depth.

On African American women, these kinds of colors will really make the look sultry and dramatic, but yet warm. Now we are going to go on top of this with the Smashbox smoke box. I really like this. Look at these beautiful colors, really stunning. So I want to use a little bit of this purple here. What that does is just darkens what we have already done because we want it to be dark.

So the next step in this eye is to add a lash, a second lash, for really big, bold, dramatic lashes. And that's exotic, too, because it's so different than the norm, and also adding liner to the water line. OK, so let's see. So you want to keep the lower water line black, and you also want to fill in the upper water line. And the reason why I am going to do both water lines is because it really will color in where the lash is so you won't be able to tell if it's fake or if it's real. It really will cover it all up.

OK, so look up and look to your left. Color the water line underneath the lashes. Sometimes, keep in mind that smokey eyes and exotic eyes, they can get a little messy, only because you're using a lot of black and you're using a lot of color, but don't worry, you can clean up once your done. Now if you have the liner there, now we are going to smoke it out. Try adding a little bit of the L'Oreal and follow the color eye shadow in purple. Again, these rich jewel tone shadows like this, will make any eye look sultry and exotic.

If you can notice once you take the powder off, you have a real clean under eye area. Now I have one more thing that I want to do with this, I want to just soften up around the brow area. I'm cleaning up underneath so there is no apparent lines. You don't want it to look sharp.

Now we are going to add a second lash, and why I am adding a second lash is because I really want bold. I want your eyes to make a statement. So now to finish off this look, we are going to add a little bit of contour and a little bit of lip, and the lip we are going to go a little bit darker. Which is kind of interesting because you usually don't do dark eyes with dark lips, but for an exotic, mysterious kind of sexy, sultry look, I want to add something a little bit rich and a little bit more pretty with the eye.

This is Color Riche Le Gloss by L'Oreal, and we are going to go right on top of that pretty pink that you had on. So now you've got a little depth on the mouth and it looks really pretty. It's really rich. It's not brown, it's not pink, it's a little mix of both. And now we are just going to add for that super exotic look we want the cheekbones really thinned out, so no we are just going to add a little bit of cream colored base. Bring it up on the forehead to frame. You can do a little bit under the chin. And there you have it.

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