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How to Apply Lip Color for Black Women

Learn how to apply lip color for black women from professional makeup artist Nicole Williams in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So how to apply lip color to African American skin. OK, it's really simple. She has beautiful lips. She really doesn't need me, but I'm just going to just show her how to utilize pencils and products that can actually make you customize your own lip color and, also, I will show you how to shape your lips with lip color.

So the first step that I would like to do is to take a lipstick. I'm going to use the Penelope Pink by Cover Girl. If you saw this color, you might be a little apprehensive, but I think it's pretty and I'm going to show you how you can customize this to make it your own. So put the lip color on first. I'm a big, big firm believer of using a lip brush and also applying the base color first, whatever that is. OK, get a nice application all over the lip.

Now we're going to customize with the three custom color palette. I really love this palette because it's a special effects lip palette. And the reason why I love it is because I can go in and change this to what I think would work for you. So, I'm adding like a little bit of a round to this color, just to warm it up a little bit. Because it's a pink that you wouldn't necessarily do by itself, but you could certainly add some warmth to it.

And notice how I'm applying the color. So the warmer color I'm just going around the rims of the top and bottom lip. Just keep it right there because, again, we want that pink to pop right in the middle. Then you just take your lip pencil and just go ahead and add a little bit of shape. Start from the outer corners, work your way in, short feathery strokes. Right at your cupid's bow. If you have a really, really deep heavy cupid's bow, go ahead and fill that line there. But if not, like Aminana's is very soft and subtle, you just play with that shape right there. Try not to go outside the line.

Another trick is take your lip pencil and hold it flat against the top lip. It's the easier way to do it. And again, flat against the bottom. And to make this come to life, one last step. You don't have to use a gloss but if you really want a little bit more glamour, take a little bit of Designer Label from Milani, the 3-D gloss. And I prefer to keep the gloss right on the lower lip. It kind of just makes everything look really pretty and like your lips are naturally full. And there you have it.

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