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How to Create a Natural Makeup Look for Black Women

Learn how to do natural makeup for black women from professional makeup artist Nicole Williams in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


Speaker 1: So we're here with Aminata, and we're going to show her how to apply natural makeup to black skin. How are you?

Aminata: I'm good.

Speaker 1: Okay, let's try some colors. Now I like to put foundation on first, and then go into concealing and correcting. So first I like to use the make up Forever Face and Body, and just a touch, you don't need much. And I like to also use the Black Opal Stick Foundations, they're really great, and they mix very well together. So start with your foundation, your liquid foundation. Now I'm using a yellow base, Aminata has a yellow base and a red base, but she's more red base, so we're going to go in with the yellow first, and get that on. Now we're going to take the Black Opal Stick Foundation and go right on the skin. And keep in mind that you can put the stick right on the face, take the brush, and apply sort of like a patting technique into the skin. It stays right where it needs to stay, and it looks natural. And notice the technique that I'm using with the first foundation, I'm just kind of stroking it away from the face, and then add a little bit more longer strokes. But then as we go in with the stick foundation, dab it right there, and then press it right into the skin. She's covered up, and she looks really natural. Now there is another step, another two steps actually, to this process. And what that is is I like to, again, take my powder puff and take off some of the excess shine, just to make it look more natural.

Okay, so now it's all pressed into the skin, now we're going to add powder, and I like to use a loose powder. I like to use a Yves Saint Laurent loose powder, they're very pretty and very light. Now notice I'm using a small, actually it's a blush brush, I like to use a blush brush because it's smaller, the head of it is smaller, so you can get right into the small crevices of the eye, around the nose, on the lids, okay.

And the last step that you're going to do, I think I added one more step, the last step that we're going to do is add a mattifier. I like to use a mattifier on the skin, especially when a person has an oily skin type, and I a little shine, not much, take your finger, I'm going to use my finger for this one because I want to feel the product, I want to make sure I'm not using too much, and just pat the mattifier right in place. This is one of my favorites, this is the Black Opal Mattifier, and what's great about this, I mean you can just press it right into the skin, throw this in your bag, your purse, and there you have it.

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