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How to Do Party Eye Makeup for Black Women

Learn how to do party eye makeup for black women from professional makeup artist Nicole Williams in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So, this is nighttime and party looks.

When I think of a party, I think of fun, color, having a great time. A party is fun and colorful, so we're going to show you how to be fun and colorful with your make-up.

So, let's get started. I always like to start with a creme base, so that way the colors can really pop, stand out, and last all day long; or in this case, all night long.

We're going to start with a black creme base. The reason why we're using black, is because I want the colors that we're going to use, to really stand out. Sometimes, by using black, they make colors like blue, orange, and green really stand out. It will not be necessary to use eyeliner, because the black will be already on the lid, and give the appearance that you have eyeliner on. Something that I love is called Lip Tar from OCC. They are really great for the lips. You can customize and make your own lip colors, and look how beautiful that blue is, so intense. You can also use it on the eyes. So, I'm going to use this blue. Look how intense this blue is. Just a touch of this Lip Tar will go a long way.

What I also love about this, is that it gives it a little bit of a wet kind of feel, or look. In this case, we're going to use a teal color, to make this really stand out. Place it right in the center, and the movement with the brush should be a patting from the inner lid. Right in the middle. So, now I'm going to take a crease brush and pull the color up a little bit.

Remember, this is a party girl look, this is a nighttime look, so we're going to really make it intense and bold. We want to extend the color toward the brow bone. You can't really mess this up. Just stay right within the shape of your eye, don't go too far out.

A party girl really has fun, so we're going to incorporate a bright green on that lid, right there. If you notice, I'm putting the colors on my hand. The reason that I'm doing that is so I can see the amount of color that I want, and how it will move on the skin. I really want to see what it does on my skin, before I put it on her's.

Once you're happy with where you've placed your product, then you can move on the next step, which is adding a little bit of shimmer. I think shimmer can bring fun, and says party girl, all day long. These are really nice because these are MAC reflect glitters, and you place them right on the lid. Again, patting in place to avoid a lot of drop out.

Now, to finish off the party look with the eyes, we want to go in and add some lashes. I think lashes are really important when you're going out at night, because it gives you that instant glam. You, simply, want to take the glue and place it right on the lash line, of the false lash. Let it get a little bit tacky for a minute, a couple seconds to dry.

Once you put the lash on, you should also add a little mascara. I like to go in with a little bit of Great Lash. The reason that I'm doing this, is because I want to pull the real lashes right in with the false lash, so it looks more natural and real. If you mess up and put too much lash glue, don't be afraid to take the tip of your finger and fingernail, and just grab some off. It's okay, it drys clear, so don't worry. Because we put so much drama on the top of the lid, we don't necessarily have to go with too much drama on the bottom. We just keep it soft and natural. I'm just going to take a soft pencil brush, and go in with a little bit of blue Color Tattoo from Maybelline. Then, just add a little drop of the shimmer.

This is a party girl. She's ready to party the night away.

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