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How to Do Party Makeup on Your Lips for Black Women

Learn how to do party makeup on your lips for black women from professional makeup artist Nicole Williams in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So the same Lip Tars that we use, they have a wonderful collection of colors. I'm going to use another shade from the Lip Tar collection, and it's called Femme. Again, you just need a touch of this.

The eyes have have so much drama so we are going to keep the lip kind of fun and young and just fresh and pretty. Just keep that color concentrated right there and take a little bit of gloss, and pencil. I like to put color on first and then pencil afterwords. When you're doing a pink color on African American skin, sometimes you want to go in and warm it up with a little bit of brown, or soft brown lip liner. And for the finish you want to make sure that you put a little gloss to make this pop.

For the final touch we just want to add a little blush, I like this particular pink. It's really pretty from Make-up Forever. Keep it on the apples of the cheeks. Has a really prominent cheekbone so it's really easy to find. But if you don't know where your cheekbone is, or you can't really find it, just smile, and you can just place it right on the apples. And there you have it. Can I go with you to the room?

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