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How to Apply Silver Makeup for Black Women

Learn how to do silver makeup for black women from professional makeup artist Nicole Williams in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


So here's some tips on applying silver makeup. I don't like silver makeup necessarily on the lips, but I love it on the eyes and we can incorporate it with the look that I may have already has. But first, let's use the powder that I need to use to take away any of the drop out and make sure that there's no fallout for many of the colors and the silver that I decide to use. So place the powder underneath the eye...

And this helps with any dropout or any colors that may fall. When you do silver, you wanna have a color to play off of. You shouldn't just put silver directly on the eye, put down a base of black and this is a great pallet from Makeup Forever because it has a world of color that you can customize and blend and build. So place that black right there we're just gonna add a little black there. Silver is a very interesting color because on our skin tones is could read ashy, it could be too much, too extreme. So, you have to have some warmth first in order for the silver to sort of sit correctly in play and look really pretty...

Okay, so now we've got the black there right, sort of like at the end of the lid. And then your gonna take your silver which is right here. I'm using a flat brush, we're gonna add this silver cream... This is definitely a silver that you can do for a night time look, or a party look. We just wanna have fun and play with color. Now take a little bit of that color with silver and pop it right underneath the eye. These are ways that you can incorporate silver where it doesn't look like too much, then blend in, and 1 last thing. We're gonna add a little bit of MAC silver right on top just to set it so it will stay. Now all we have to do is remove the powder width underneath... And now you have a silver eye.

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