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How to Apply Bronze Makeup for Black Women

Learn how to apply bronze makeup for black women from professional makeup artist Nicole Williams in this Howcast makeup tutorial.


How to apply bronze makeup is really important when you want to attain that really glowy, glossy skin. So I'm going to show you how to obtain that with a few products. So first we're going to use the Nars Body Glow, which I absolutely love, and mix with a little bit of a MAC cream base that has sort of like a brown, reddish tone to it, and I go ahead and use this a lot for my bronzer, so I'm going to go ahead and mix it right in two. Instead of a foundation brush, because we want to buff it on, so a powder brush will ultimately buff the skin, and you pat it on, and then we get to buff.

So stay around the perimeters of the skin when doing a bronzy look. So the forehead, around the frame of the face, cheeks, and a little bit on the chin. But you know when you do have bronze, you also want to add a little gold just to make the bronze pop, so I like to take a little bit of powder that has a sort of shimmer to it, and MAC has a really pretty one called Golden Bronze, and just pop that color right on the high cheekbone area.

And by putting this powder on top of the cream that I just used allows for the skin to look really supple and really give a high sheen, and it makes the skin glow as if it was sun kissed.

Now we're going to do eyes. But first, we should start with the base of something that has sort of a apricot feel, and the reason why is because once we put the bronze on top, it will really pop. Pat that right on in place. This stuff is amazing because it stays on for 24 hours. OCC Cosmetics has a really wonderful line of highly pigmented color powders that I love to use. Look how beautiful that is.

We are going to go right on top of this, because again, this is a bronzy look so we're going to keep the eye very bronzy. And again, by patting it in place, it stays true to what it looks like. I like to use something flat, if I use shimmers in the beginning I like to go in with something matte towards the end.

One more step to this bronze beauty is taking a little bit of MAC reflects and popping it right on top. And then we're just going to add a lip gloss to go with this wonderful look, so the Milani 3D glitzy gloss right on her lip, a little blush or bronzer. You can get this right at your drug store, and it's a beautiful, beautiful bronzer.

And there you have it.

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