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How to Do Makeup for Black Women with Nicole Williams

Learn about professional makeup artist Nicole Williams, one of Howcast's makeup experts, in this video.


Hi, my name is Nicole Williams, and I'm a celebrity makeup artist here in New York City. So most of you might remember me from a TV show called Ambush Make Over, where I literally stopped people, throughout the country, and gave them head-to-toe makeovers. Well, I''m here on Howcast, to give you guys a little bit of information about myself and teach you all the things that I've learned over the years working with celebrities like: Missy Elliott, LL Cool J., and Li'l Kim. So now I'm here on Howcast, to show you, all the tricks of the trade that I've ever learned over the years of doing all the celebrities. And, I'm also gonna show you my favorite tips, and give you my red carpet secrets, on how to look your best for any occasion.

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