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How to Draw Hands

Learn how to draw hands from professional artist Kevin Kobasic in this illustration and drawing tips video from Howcast.


For me the best way to start is to think of that you hand it's sort of a bow. Just kind of start like that, like you can literally just imagine it's a box. Think of the fingers as just cylinders, the important thing is to just start constructing form simple shapes. You can start, thinking of the fingers as just literally just cylinders. Then come off the, top of the box, they thumb again is just another cylinder that just comes off the side. The thumb takes on the appearance not exactly a perfect cylinder but it has to get a little wider at the base. So, test about like that, and, and then once you got that you just start, make it realistic. You could actually just try your details over this geometric construction you have laid down. But the important things is to learn the very basic components of things, once you have soft of a very basic construction then you worry about it.

With the actual details alright. - So again let's say, let's take 1 of the harder, sort of angles of drawing a hand at. Like a lot of people have a hard time say with [?] hand, like a hand that's coming at a camera like that. So, again your just thinking of a simpler instruction. In this case your gonna start with that box that makes the middle of the hand in this kind of box, your gonna be soft of tilted at the camera. - And then I'm gonna attach the fingers on the end, and just again they're cylinders and in this case they're coming straight out of the camera... Another little trick when your drawing hands, a lot of the time you can sort of plot a curved line that describes the arc of the finger tips. So in this case even as I'm drawing these I'm sort of imagining there's sort of a simple arc that describes the finger. You'll sort of find if you put your fingers in different positions, you'll sort of find that a lot of times there is sort of a, they do make sort of a graceful art. So they're sort of a, an art between the finger tips and you can sort of plot an arc for each of the knuckles and that just kind of help you plot all of these different points. And I'm gonna add a thumb, a thumb can just be really tricky. But and the thumb kind of attach like in this case, here's the palm of my hand the thumb is gonna kind of attach to the palm like that, it sort of overlaps the palm.

So I'm gonna, do 1 of these. Then again now that I got my basic structure, now is where I actually start making it look like a hand. - When I'm adding these shading lines, I'm doing it to sort of describe the light hitting the object but it also just soft of describes the roundness because basically your drawing, in lines on a flat piece of paper so what your trying to do is create the illusion that something is round. So, when I add shading lines and stuff I'm always kind of, you can see where I'm kind of rounding them and just describe. It helps describe the curve, the edge of that finger, it helps sort of make that finger look 3 dimensional. You can just create these simple shapes that, really quickly get across the gesture of any hand gesture. - The important thing to remember is to, simplify everything down to it's very basic shapes and once you have that very simple construction now you can start worrying about details, and adding finger nails, and knuckles, and those things that make them look like an actual hand.

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