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How to Draw a Nose

Learn how to draw a nose from professional artist Kevin Kobasic in this illustration and drawing tips video from Howcast.


Kind of the best thing to do when you're drawing the nose is to kind of think of how it attaches to the face. So I might think of, right now I'm sort of drawing this triangular shape where it's just where the nose actually attaches to the face, that sort of flat part where the nose attaches. And then think of it coming forward to sort of a pyramid, sort of a tip like that. So again, just imagine having sort of a pyramid that has sort of a long end. And then you can start adding the details.

The tip of the nose sort of has its own shape, if you really look at people's noses. And then the long part of the nose has this sort of bony shape that looks like a long football. And that sort of attaches to this part. If you look at, kind of, older people's noses, you can sort of see a little more of this structure. But all noses have the same structure. It's just put together differently, and some people you can see the structure better than others.

And then the nostrils have sort of their own shape. It's like it's two kind of ball shapes on the side. Then even the bottom kind of has a unique shape. Again, unless you really study it, it's hard to see it. But the bottom part of the nose kind of comes down like this. And that middle part between the nostrils sort of joins up to the tip like that. And once you've got that, then it starts to get easy to really make stress. I think it looks realistic.

Most of these things, like, I tell people to sort of ignore the complexity. But the nose is something that's actually good to kind of pay more attention to the complexity of it than you really see. Because it really does have a very subtle construction that's hard to see, but if you can really master it, it makes your drawings look much more realistic.

So I'll just do a side view too. Again, it's great to start with just a simple triangular shape and work from there. So once you sort of have those basic elements in place that make up the shape of the nose, you can sort of look at different people's noses and see how those same elements are sort of put together into different shapes. So some people have big, protruding noses that sort of turn downward, but again, it's all the same construction.

If you just really look at different people's noses, some people have little, tiny noses that turn up like that. But, again, they're all made up of the same, basic shapes. It's always good to just really study people and just draw and draw and draw constantly, and that's what really going to make this stuff come second nature for you. So you get to a point where you don't really have to think about the construction of things, you can just start drawing away.

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