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How to Draw Brad Pitt

Learn how to draw Brad Pitt from professional artist Kevin Kobasic in this illustration and drawing tips video from Howcast.


So I'm looking at a picture of Brad Pitt right now that I pulled off the internet. So the first thing that strikes me is how square shaped his head is. He's got those rugged action movie good looks, action star good looks. So that's whats jumping out at me is the overall squareness of his head. The second thing that's jumping out at me is the size of his forehead. He's got a very sizeable forehead so I'm going to sort of block that out.

Charachaturing is a lot about just sort of noticing your own reactions to peoples faces and sort of capitalizing on them. Another thing I tend to look at quickly is sort of the bridge of somebodies nose. I notice he's got a very wide bridge. I notice just a lot of horizontal lines in his eye region so I'm going to really kind of emphasize the horizontals. His nose has a very strong profile but it's actually kind of a short nose. It sort of terminates kind of high on his face.

Rather then actually drawing his mouth the first thing I'm going to do is sort of block out this shape that sort of represents his teeth in my mind. And then I notice hes got very prominent cheek bones. The lines of a mans face tends to be a lot more angular then a woman's face. Even though I'm drawing this in parts, I'm not thinking of it in parts.

So I've got my initial impressions down. I'm going start tiding that up that up in black line. I do all my under drawing in light blue and use it as a structure. Slightly indicate all the folds around his eyes because if you go too overboard with that it starts to make him look very old. Really with hair you want to look at all the individual hairs, but overall you want to think of hair as kind of a mass rather than trying to draw individual hairs.

The next step is to take it to a light box or throw a piece of tracing paper over it and start doing a tighter drawing and at the same time I'm going to be noticing different things that I want to change about it or that I want to emphasize more. But, this is underlying construction of my charachature of Brad Pit.

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