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How to Draw Katy Perry

Learn how to draw Katy Perry from professional artist Kevin Kobasic in this illustration and drawing tips video from Howcast.


So moving on with drawing celebrity caricatures, I'm going to try Katie
Perry now. This is as much of a process of exploration for me as it is for
you. I'm just going to start, very roughly, blocking in what I see as the
structure of her face. What I'm doing right now is I'm, sort of, sketching
out the landmarks that I see on her face and I'm going a little bit faster
than I can really even explain it.

You might notice I did most of this drawing by holding my pencil sideways
because that's one way that I just, sort of, block in the shapes and it
prevents me from getting to hung up on the details. Because, the first
step to me is just to, sort of, find the structure and try to refine the
details from there.

So, I've got that blocked in enough that I think I'm ready to move on to
the final line. Like I said, I'm going to leave out a lot of those
construction lines that I created when I started sketching her, but I'm
thinking about them. Again, I'm very conscious that I don't what to make
this corner of the draw to strong because that will start to really look
like the drag queen. I'm just very conscious of not wanting to make it too
strong and masculine looking. I tend to think of eyebrows as more solid
shaped here that, sort of, elbows and then curves around and, sort of,
tapers. I tend to draw the lashes as just a solid block. In this case,
I'm adding a few little lashes coming out of that solid mass just because
the lashes are so noticeable. I roughed her mouth out as a very square
shape. I, sort of, constructe it as a series of square shapes. Now, I'm
rounding it much more in the final execution. I'm going to just turn my
pencil sideways and just, sort of, start blocking in the hair as a solid
mass. It just gets me through it a lot faster than if I try to draw
individual hairs.

So, my next step would be to through this on the light box or throw a piece
of tracing paper over it and I'd start to refine the drawing further and
tighten it up further. And, I'd probably notice things that I don't like
about my drawing but I want to fix. And as I keep going, I'll change
things more and more. I, sort of, feel like this chin might be a little
too strong still and I might address that in the next version. But, this
just gives you and idea of how to draw a caricature of Katie Perry.

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