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How to Draw John Cena

Learn how to draw John Cena from professional artist Kevin Kobasic in this illustration and drawing tips video from Howcast.


I'm moving along with celebrity caricatures. I'm gonna do a drawing of John Cena now. And unlike the other caricatures I've done I've actually had to draw caricatures of John Cena from my work from time to time. So, I'm little more familiar with him.

First thing that I notice when I'm looking at him is the squareness of his face. He's got a much more rugged, sort of chiseled face than most ordinary human beings. So, his jaw is very squared off. His forehead is very squarish. His cheekbones are very squarish. That shape is very prominent on him. It's probably on a lot of wrestlers. The ridge of Triple H's brow comes out about a foot.

With the caricature, you are trying to make somebody look even more like them than they themselves look. I'm not so much trying to draw the exact contours as of what I'm seeing as I am drawing my own reactions to the features of his face.

And I'm just roughing everything out right now in blue pencil. Cause I can make all the mistakes I want in blue pencil and then draw over it in black pencil and fix a lot of things.

I'm gonna redraw the whole thing in black and I'll ignore a lot of the construction lines that I laid down initially. But, the point of drawing those even though they're not going to be there in the final drawing is that the sort of structural drawing helps me understand the overall shape of his face. As I drawing his face, I'm not just looking at the lines of his face as I see them. I'm thinking of his face as a three dimensional object.

If you ever look at the anatomy of the actual cartilage of the nose, you'll see that this very tip is actually a separate piece. Study the shape of it and it gives you a big key to the structure of the person's face and making your caricature look like them.

Again when I'm drawing the size of his face, I'm thinking about all of the different pieces of his skull that make the shape of his face. I'm really emphasizing the underline structure that I'm observing. I'm really just roughing the hair in with the side of my pencil, so I don't get caught up in drawing every single hair of his crew cut. I sort of emphasize this brow bridge over his eye a little more.

A lot of the shadowing that I'm drawing right now is not actually in the photo. It's more of me describing my impression of the underline structure of his face.

So, the next step would be to trace this on a light box on another piece of paper or maybe I'll throw a piece of tracing paper over it and draw it again with a much cleaner line. But, at the same time I'd still be looking at the picture and thinking about the things I want to change a little bit or massage a little bit. But, this gives you a good start of a caricature of John Cena.

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