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What Is Body Language?

Learn about body language in this Howcast video.


Body language, somewhere down the road, was like some Pop Culture kind of statement, you know? Somebody, I think there was a book, like in the 70s called, "Body Language" and the name sticked. Non-verbal communication is a lot more than just body language. Non-verbal communication deals with everything except for, like, the content of a conversation. So right now the way I speak, my tone, my speed, that's non-verbal communication. The room I'm in, the setting I'm in, that's non-verbal communication. How far I am away from you, all non-verbals. Body language is just like a fun term. The actual term is non-verbal communication. What's actually upsetting is body language has made itself, has slowly, like, permeated academic literature. So, I'm just, like, you really shouldn't be saying, you know, the person's body language. You should be saying the person's non-verbals or the person's non-verbal methods for communication. So that's why we're the Non-verbal Group and not the Body Language Group. It's a lot more scientific, I'd say.

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