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3 Ways Body Language Can Help You

Learn three ways body language can help you in this Howcast video.


Essentially there's three ways that paying attention to non verbal behavior or paying attention to one's body language could help your life. Alright?

So I make the argument the first one's information, okay? And I make the argument that the general population is essentially blind. They're so focused on the content of the conversation, they're so focused with what people say they very rarely pay attention to what people are doing and what people are communicating.

So there's so much information out there on a day to day basis. And if you just open your eyes and be more cognizant of it you tend to, there's just, you see the world differently. So, and you're just not used to it. Like how many people. Like honestly, when you're sitting down across from someone and you're asking them. You're having a conversation about whatever during lunch, how often do you pay attention to the fact that they were tapping their hand or checking their cell phone? Or, you know, not smiling enough as usual or their blink rate decreased? Or their eyes are dilating? You're not paying attention to that stuff. At an unconscious level some of you are. But, for the most part, you're just hanging onto the words. You're hanging on to what they say and essentially that's a little bit dangerous. Because in terms of regulation, people have an easy time regulating what they say. It's easy for me to look in the camera and say, "I love you," but it's hard for me to communicate it non verbally.

So essentially we're looking. Actions are a lot more truthful than what we're saying.

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