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How to Tell if Someone Is Lying by Their Voice

Learn how to tell if someone is lying by listening to their voice in this Howcast video about body language.


So in terms of voice, what you gonna want to look for is essentially the emotional perspective. And the reason why, is because when somebody when somebody lies, right? Um, you tend to see fluctuations in pitch. So there are a lot of equipment out there like telephones, and like video sampling, um audio sampling that can determine, they "say" they can determine whether or not someone is lying or not. Er, pretty much not effective. Um, the reason why is because pitch is affected by emotion. So I my pitch can change, because I'm excited about the topic, it doesn't mean that I'm lying, right? But often you'll see that liars when they're lying about the certain area you tend to see um increase in pitch, because that relates to emotion.

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