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How to Tell if Someone Is Lying by Their Mouth

Learn how to tell if someone is lying by looking at their mouth in this Howcast video about body language.


So one of the things I want to address is the misconception that if you cover your mouth you are lying. There’s not really any academic research that suggests that’s true. We can cover our mouth for a wide range of reasons. I could be embarrassed, breath can be bad, cold sores. Tons of reasons why you essentially cover your mouth, it doesn’t mean anything really. All it really means is that you’re covering your mouth. So just because somebody covers their doesn’t necessarily mean they're lying. However, in terms of lie detection it is useful to pay attention to the mouth um for the reasons of like certain smiles, how often somebody smiles and some research indicates that we have an easier time regulating the bottom half of our face than we do the top half of our face so the top half of our face tends to be a little bit more honest. So paying attention to the lower half of the face doesn’t make sense because people can fake it a lot. People have a lot of control over these muscles they’re use to it alright. However, people don’t have a lot of control over these, which is one of the reasons why you should pay more attention to the top half of the face and not the lower half of the face.

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