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Body Language & Sexual Attraction

Learn how sexual attraction is conveyed through body language in this Howcast video.


So attraction, attraction's interesting. If we were to venn diagram attraction so if we were to put all the different nonverbals of attraction, all the different nonverbals of interest, and all the nonverbals of anxiety, you are going to tend to see some sort of overlap. So attraction and anxiety in terms of nonverbals have constant overlap. Theory being that when you're really attracted to somebody you're anxious because the person across from you you perceive to have value, you perceive them to be interesting and they intimidate you or you like them in some way. So anxiety on a first date, if you see anxiety in the person it tends to be good. Think about it, if you're not attracted to somebody you don't care about them, do you actually get nervous or anxious? Usually no. It's usually the people that make a good impression on you that make you anxious. So you're going to see nonverbal indications of anxiety slowly in there. You'll seem them, you'll seem them in there and essentially what you're looking for is they'll tend to go away but in the beginning they'll be there. In the beginning you'll see some sort of anxious behaviors.

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