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How to Analyze a Person's Speech for Sexual Attraction Clues

Learn how to tell if someone is attracted to you by analyzing their speech in this Howcast video about body language.


It's not really speech. It's, like, speech and content. So, like, as somebody talks to you, like, you know, it's gonna be, all right, so it’s very difficult for the average person to, kind of, figure out slight deviations in people's speech patterns. You're not going to be able to do it. It's that simple.

I mean, like, if you record it on video and record, like, to do all my speech analysis, I record everything and then apply it to, like, this wavelength graph, and I'm able to figure everything out. But just listening to somebody, it’s harder.

So what you're gonna look for is, you know, it's only gonna work if the person's speech patterns are usually a certain way. And then you’re looking for, usually, for the most part, is a level of excitement in those patterns. So this is really easy for the kind of person who’s, you know, very quiet, or has, like, a very even register when they talk, they're very simple. Then, all of a sudden, when they talk to you, or when they talk about you, or they talk, you know, or reference you, they tend to speed up, or they tend to, kind of, they tend to speed up or they tend to be a little bit more animated.

It, kind of, happens to me during classes. Like, all of a sudden, I'll talk about my girlfriend, Molly, and I'll smile a certain way, and my speech will go up, and I'll get excited, cause I identify with that person.

So, if the person across the table from you is really attracted to you, you tend to see a little excitement in speech. It's just, I have a hard time, kind of, explaining what excitement in speech is, because I know it. Like, it's, you're looking for slight deviations that are just hard to, kind of, see. There's not some sort of, like, simple thing I can show you.

I mean, if you're sitting down on a date with somebody and I record it, I can easily show you. Okay, look, check this out. Like, they speed up when they're here, they slowed down when they're here, they speed up when they're here, and they slow down when they're here. Put it this way, you should see change.

If on a date, you should see change. It shouldn't be even the whole entire time. You should see ups and downs. That's a good date, essentially.

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