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How to Spot Sexual Attraction in Someone's Body Language

Learn how to spot body movements that reveal sexual attraction in this Howcast video about body language.


So one of the most useful ways whether or not someone’s attracted to you is something called orientation. So right now my two friends over here aren’t necessarily oriented towards each other. Their seating arrangement is designed in a fashion where they aren’t oriented towards each other because they’re both facing outward. But what’s going to happen is as they slowly and slowly and slowly begin to like each other and begin to talk they’re going to go out of their way to orientate each other. Alright. So essentially what will happen is you will, here make it. Become interested. Right, so that would be the orientation right there, perfectly. So then you know you make eye contact. Now this doesn’t happen that quickly. This happens slowly, usually. So over the course of the interaction, slowly he’ll start to shift towards her, slowly she’ll start to shift towards him and eventually they get like this and eventually they’ll end up in a bed together. I mean that’s like the natural progression. Okay. So its like a slow kind of a exchange, now one of the cool things that women do, is that the top half of your body is a lot more dishonest than the lower half of your body. So a lot of women will talk casually to someone over the shoulder, they are not interested. Once they orientate towards the lower half of their body it demonstrates more interest. It’s really tough for them to orientate each other because of the seating arrangement. But I guarantee you, if we were here in this environment, slowly and slowly and slowly, they’d moved these seats to orientate themselves towards each other.

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