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How to Tell if Someone Is NOT Attracted to You

Learn how to tell if someone is not sexually attracted to you in this body language video from Howcast.


People constantly ask me in terms of friends, "Is this person attracted to me?" I'll watch her a little and it will be like, "Yes." "Is this person attracted to me?" "No." "How do you know, are you sure?" People get so offended, "How do you know they're not attracted to you?"

Because they don't do any signs of attraction, right? This is the point. When we're attracted to somebody, we can't hide it. We try to, right? We try to hide it but we can't. Something always slips through. Something shows, there's some sort of forward lean, or something's different about that person. What happens is, it's very easy to see if somebody's not attracted to you, if they interact with you the same way they act with everybody else.

When you're attracted to somebody, you should interact differently. Everybody has different ways of interacting, it's not specific. But everybody has different ways that they interact with the people that they're attracted to, and different ways that they interact with people that they're not attracted to.

It's a stupid thing, because how do you figure out if somebody's not attracted? They're not showing you the non-verbal signs of attraction, it's that simple. They're not there. There's not one shred of proof that indicates that they like you. If there's not one shred of proof to indicate they like you, they don't like you. It's that simple.

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