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How to Read Your Resting Face & What It Conveys to Others

Learn what your resting face may be conveying to others in this body language video from Howcast.


Alright, so in terms of the research on like opinion formation and you know, how we attribute certain behaviors to people, we tend to make or form opinions of people very, very, very quickly. And one of the problems with body language is you may be communicating something that you don't think you are. See there's a big problem, is most people don't know what they look like on a given day. Alright. So they look in the mirror and they fix themselves up and they squint and they look at their smile, but they don't know what they really look like. They don' know, you know, when they're on a date across the table from somebody, how that other person's perceiving them. Now some people have non verbals that aren't good. So there's like some people who have negative resting faces and resting faces are like faces that people make a certain percentage of the time. So during a conversation somebody could have a negative resting face like this. So they can look at you with a slight squint and they don't even realize they're looking at you with a slight squint. I had somebody in one of my classes squinting at me during the whole class and she raises her hand and she's like I have a question. And I said, everybody thinks you're a bitch, right? And she laughs hysterically because that's exactly what it was, cause she didn't realize that she's projecting this kind of like perplexed look all the time. So one of the reasons you need to pay attention to your own body language is because that is how people are judging you and they're judging you very, very, very, very quickly. That's why these little things like you know, very slight deviations in behavior can mean a lot. It really can, so we need to understand that and when we watch ourselves on video or when we watch ourselves on a picture all we look at are the little idiosyncracies that don't even mean anything. So if someone really doesn't their nose they're not seeing everything else. All they're seeing is I don't like my nose in this video. Alright, and that is essentially a problem, so one of the things you really need to do, you know, a helpful thing is to ask friends, how do you think I feel right now. And they'll go you look upset. You're probably communicating something nonverbally that suggests that you're upset. So it's very useful. People are forming opinions very, very quickly and you wanna be in charge of letting them inform, letting them essentially gain a proper opinion. You wanna reflect what you are.

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