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How to Fake Interest in Someone through Body Language

Learn how to fake interest in someone through body language in this Howcast video.


We like people who are interested in us. So one of the most useful ways to build rapport and gain friends and all that stuff, is to show interest non-verbally, right? So, to look like you're interested. But this is the problem, is when we think that somebody is trying to get something out of us, we don't like it. So for example, one of my students approaches me after class and is like, "Oh, excuse me, um, professor, I loved your lecture. I think this is the best lecture you ever gave." And then all the sudden, like, five minutes later, "Oh by the way, I'm gonna to, I'm gonna to, um, Puerto Rico with my boyfriend next week. Is it okay if I miss the test?" I don't like that because it was a compliment followed by, you know, some sort of, they want something. One of the things that people mistake when they feign non-verbals is they do it 100 percent of the time. So I can show you that, you know, like, this is oh I'm interested in you. Oh yeah, tell me more. Da da da da. And it looks like I'm really interested. Oh yeah yeah yeah. But the average person can't maintain this for long. So one of the things you need to do is if you want to fake body language you don't do it 100 percent of the time. You do it like 70. It's not natural for you to do something 100 percent of the time. People don't interact like that. If one person is incredibly interested in somebody they don't look like this non-stop for 30 minutes. It's not possible. Human attention spans aren't this long. So when you act like you're interested, you don't want to do it a lot. You want to do it 70 percent. It's more organic.

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