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How to Use Body Language to Make People Like You

Learn how to use body language to make people like you in this Howcast video.


One of the big problems is that people are interested but they are not really conveying it nonverbally. So there's a couple things you can do. First we'll start with the head, so essentially what you want to do is squinting is often a good indication that you are interested in somebody. So it's like "Oh wow that's interesting." Alright? Head tilting, so tilting your head a little bit to the right. And it's not exaggerated like "Oh my God, " it's a slight "Oh wow, that's interesting." See that's a slight head tilt. And the third thing is like nodding successively when it makes sense. So when somebody tells you about you know a specific topic, you go "Oh wow no, that's interesting" and it conveys that you're interested in somebody. The second thing is how your body is oriented towards them. Alright, so what you want to do is you want to do is orient yourself towards the person so that your shoulders and your legs are aligned with theirs. So you looks like you're engaging the person. It's hard to demonstrate in just, when you're talking like this. Alright, so you want to have your feet pointed in their direction.

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