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How to Read the Micro Expression that Reveals Fear

Learn how to read the micro expression for fear in this body language video from Howcast.


Fear's an interesting emotion. It can be both physical or psychological. So, we can be fearful of an event, or we can also be fearful of something in front of us. And fear tends to blend with a lot of different emotions, but it's displayed in the face in three ways.

The first is the brow. So first, fear in the brow is displayed by the eyebrows being raised and straightened. And it's a little bit different from surprise, because surprise they're raised also, but there's a little bit of an arc in them.

The second thing is the eyes are open and tense. So the eyes are open and you tend to see the sclera, which is the whites around the eyes. There's also a lot of tension in the eyes. Some people, you might even see a slight bulge, because you're scared of what you're seeing.

The third is when the mouth is open. So the mouth is slightly opened and often the lips tend to be a little bit tense. So, when you see something you're scared of, the lips tend to tense up, and the mouth tends to open.

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