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How to Read the Micro Expression that Reveals Contempt

Learn how to read the micro expression for contempt in this body language video from Howcast.


Alright, so contempt is an interesting facial expression. It's registered on the face with an asymmetrical smile. Contempt is when you take the moral high ground, or when you think you're better than the other person. A lot of research by John Gottman has indicated that, you know, contempt is the number one nonverbal indication of a failing relationship. Because basically what it means is it feels like you put yourself on the higher ground than your significant other, essentially they're not your significant other. It's registered in terms of micro expressions, or facial expressions, by a slight asymmetrical smile, so like uh, it's like basically alright. There's also nonverbals of contempt, they would be like an eye roll, or like, what is this guy talking about, are you stupid? They're just contemptuous signs.

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