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How to Read the Micro Expression that Reveals Sadness

Learn how to read the micro expression for sadness in this body language video from Howcast.


Sadness is probably one of the hardest facial expressions to identify in terms of micros and the reason why is because there is not that much movement in the face right. So, because there's an extreme loss in muscle tone when your, when your sad it, it, it's not so pronounced like a smile. So, one of the things your gonna look for first of all is that downward pull of the lip so, like the slight sad, slight frown in the face that's the first thing. The second thing your gonna look for is the chin being raised so your gonna see a slight raise in the chin and that raise in the chin is what creates that downward smile or that, that frown essentially. And the third thing your gonna see is a raised inner corner of the eyebrows so, there's gonna be a slight raising in the inner corner of the brow.

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