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How to Read the Micro Expression the Reveals Disgust

Learn how to read the micro expression for disgust in this body language video from Howcast.


So disgust is when you're really, you know, you have an aversion to something, right? So it's like you know, you put something in your mouth and it tastes so disgusting you have to get it out of your mouth, right? And it's registered on the face in a couple of ways. The first way is, the upper and lower lips are raised, creating that kind of facial expression where it's like, ugh, disgusting. The second thing you'll commonly see is wrinkles in the nose. So in the nose, there will be folds or wrinkles. The third thing you'll see is the cheeks are raised. Similar to how a smile, you'll see raising in the cheeks. And the fourth thing is, you'll see lines or folds below the eye.

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