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How to Read Lips Using Body Language

Learn how to read a person's lips in this body language video from Howcast.


The lips are interesting. One of the most useful things about the lips is anxiety tends to be manifested in the lips a lot, so people tend to slightly bite their lips. And it's like, there's a difference, so there's like a, there's like an interest over sexual lip bite, like. Like women do it sometimes, like I can't do it that well, but you know it's like that cute little lip bite some men love. There's also the anxious bite lips and usually, so some people overtly do it. There like, right, and some people do it so slight it's hard to see, but they bite the back of their lip with their mouth closed. So it's like this. I don't even know if you can see it on camera, but it's like a slight bite of the lip and people will do it when they're anxious. Very, very interesting. Like I've spotted certain people in the first 5 or 10 minutes I see this kind of like weird lip bite and all of a sudden it goes away. That means for that first 5 or 10 minutes they tend to be anxious. Also I like lips because people tend to pay a lot of attention towards them or prepare them. So you know like, I like to see how often people apply lip gloss or lipstick or certain... For example, alright I had a bunch of friends over and one of my friends Michelle sitting on my couch and she hasn't put on lip gloss or lipstick or anything all night. And all of a sudden my friend Matt comes. Who she tends to be attracted to, so all of a sudden Matt's, she like hey how are you, and all of a sudden like three or four seconds later she all of a sudden goes into her purse takes that lip gloss and applies it. Like interesting you didn't apply lip gloss with anyone else but all of a sudden when Matt comes in the room you applied lip gloss. Very telling. Also people tend to bring attention to their lips before they you know, they want to be kissed. So people tend to look at the lips a lot. It's a interesting thing. Lips are really, they're important. So one of the useful things you can look for in the lips is something called pursed lips, and people tend to purse their lips when they're unsure of something or they're holding back information. So pursed lips is like this, like. So it's like someone looking at like real estate broker taking somebody, looking around a house. And they look around the house. Do you like it. Yeah, yeah. And they're pursing their lips. When somebody's pursing their lips it's not a good time for your call to action or it's not a good time to ask them to buy your product or ask them to do something, cuz they're still reserved. It's one of the useful things to look for.

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