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How to Read Posture

Learn how to read a person's posture in this body language video from Howcast.


So I hate recommendations on posture. And the reason why I hate, like some of the recommendations on posture cause it's so much more than just; okay, upright. I mean those things are universal. There is a lot of recommendations you can make for postures. So, I'll show you a couple of differences in postures. So there's, right now this is perfectly fine. This is perfectly fine for, what context; maybe for, you know; i don't know; so, waiting on line for a something or having a conversation with somebody. This is not really the best posture if he was having a conversation with his boss. Alright, but it may be the best posture if he is having a conversation with his boss where he wants to reflect a certain state. If he is reflecting confidence, a little, you know, a casual highest level of self-esteem or certain things that he is displaying right now, the way he is standing. This is awkward, a very awkward kind of posture. And the reason why it's so cool is because he's being incongruent right now because this posture is not natural to him. He's so natural in having it upright, in good posture that when I tell him to fake a posture it doesn't look right. Alright, this is the cool thing. And it's the same thing if you found someone. Some of you who hunch. When you tell them to stand up straight, it doesn't look right, because you are so used to hunching for so long. That's cool.

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